Basic Endoscopic Sinus Surgery course

Course details

 Dates: 1 June 2017

  • The course is aimed at delegates wanting to familiarise themselves with the basic sinus anatomy.
  • Fresh frozen cadavers, one side per delegate.
  • Dissections will be done in our world class Sunskills Lab with all the necessary instruments at your disposal including HD monitors and 3D navigation to enhance the learning experience
  • Number of delegates: 14
  • Dr Gary Kroukamp
  • Dr Sauliegh Kamedien
  • Dr Marc Merven

Course organiser: Dr AK Ebrahim
1 June 2017

  • Module1 : Basic principles of Endoscopic sinus surgery
  • Module 2: Interpretation of a Sinus CT scan
  • Module 3: Uncinectomy & Anterior Ethmoidectomy
  • Module 4: Endoscopic Sphenopalatine artery ligation
  • Module 5: Endoscopic DCR
  • Module 6: Posterior Ethmoidectomy & Sphenoidotomy
  • Module 7: Access to Pterygopalatine fossa & Orbit Decompression
  • Module 8: Access to Pituatary Gland
  • Module 9: CSF leak repair

Registration information

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Please download and complete registration form and email to:

For any further enquiries please contact:
Ferozah Jacobs
021 938 9041

Sunskill Lab
3rd floor Fisan Building
Faculty of Medicine
Tygerberg Hospital Campus
Francie Van Zijl Dr
Cape Town

The course work takes place at the Faculty of Medicine, Tygerberg Campus, in Parow, a suburb in the northern part of Cape Town.

Please contact Belinda for any assistance regarding travel arrangements.


We would like to thank Medtronic for their invaluable support, without which it would be difficult to supply the high quality of equipment and facilities that are of such importance in a course like this.